Mangrove Boat Tour in Manuel Antonio

While in Manuel Antonio, one of the things to do is to take a mangrove boat tour through the forests. We found out about this from our hostel, as the owner was one of the tour guides. He didn’t give us the tour the day we did it, but he did shuttle my Norwegian friends and I to and from the boat launch.

Mangrove Boat Tour, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica


Hanging Out in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Hostel in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

From Monteverde, my 3 friends from Norway and I decided to take a cab down to Manuel Antonio. It cost a little bit more than taking a bus, but it also saved us several hours on travel time. We stopped in Cocodrilo on the way to grab a snack and also to see a whole bunch of American crocodiles under the bridge (I counted 13).



Don Juan Coffee Tour

After an exciting morning of ziplining, I decided to go on a tour of the coffee plantation of the largest coffee maker in Costa Rica. Costa Rican coffee is a huge export from the country, one of the biggest. Brazil and Colombia are the mass-producers of coffee, but Costa Rica competes not on mass-production, but on high-end, luxury coffee. The coffee they produce and sell at the plantation and export all over the world is not the same coffee that the average Costa Rican would drink because it’s too expensive (the tour was very informative). At this plantation, the Costa Rican coffee beans are grown, picked, 4 layers peeled off (each with its own mostly manual process), roasted, and packaged.

First, this is what they use to transport things around the plantation. Kind of old school I know.

costa rican coffee plantation (more…)