BMW Museum

One day we decided to visit the BMW Museum in Munich, which is conveniently located right next to the sight of the 1972 Olympic Games. When we were there BMW had just released the new Z4, so there was a giant exhibit on it. I think it’s a pretty nice looking car.

bmw museum

bmw museum

One of the nicest bikes I’ve ever seen is the BMW HP2 Sport. It was somewhere in the neighborhood of 20,000 euros, so it’s a little out of my price range (for now anyway).

bmw museum

They also had one of the BMW F1 Series cars on display.

bmw museum

Munich in a Nutshell – Beer Gardens, Beer Halls, and Massive Steins

The first thing people always think of when they think about Munich is Oktoberfest, and rightly so. I really want to go back to Munich for Oktoberfest (which, ironically, is held at the end of September). While in Munich, I really didn’t do a lot except for take part in the typical German tradition of beer-drinking.  Bavarian beer is known to be some of the best in the world, and rightly so. I will be so disappointed when I get back to the States and have to drink Budweiser, Miller, or one of the other not-so-good American beers. One thing I did do was  a 4-hour free walking tour, so here’s some pictures from around the city.



Berlin Zoo

The Berlin Zoo is supposed to be one of the best in the world, so I figured I’d spend most of my last day in Berlin there. I went with my friend Wendy who I met at my hostel. It definitely would’ve been boring had I walked around the zoo all day by myself.


Look at this guy. Badass all the way!


Look at those eyes!!


In case you can’t tell this is a panda bear as relaxed as he could possibly get.


I think this was one of my favorites. At first I thought it was a cheetah, but then realized it was some type of leopard I believe.


Then we found a fun rope bridge to run across and almost fell into the stream.


When you thought you would only ever see kangaroos in Australia, guess again. You just have to come to the Berlin Zoo.


When we went into the penguin house, it reminded me of the Happy Feet Walk It Out video on YouTube (Jen!!!)


Next, Mr. Polar Bear.


My other favorite animal: the Bald Eagle!!



This was the first time I saw elephants up close and they were pretty funny. There were 4 or 5 adult elephants and one baby running around rolling in the hay. It was really funny to watch.



This next guy loved being in front of the camera and getting his picture taken. He even smiled for me once! I think he’s ready for Hollywood!


There was a room full of ropes and things for this next monkey to swing around and he went to town on them. He was doing all kinds of acrobatics for us. I think he was just trying to show off for the girl monkeys. I have a short video of this guy swinging around, but here’s a pic for now.


Last but not least I couldn’t have left without doing my photo-op with King Kong on the way out of the park. That completed the day.


The Reichstag in Berlin

The Reichstag in Berlin is like Germany’s congress building, the center of the German government. It’s a pretty cool building with a dome in the middle to be able to look down on the government officials, so that they know they are always doing the right things for the people on top of them: the public.


The inside is really cool too.



Other Pics from Berlin

I wandered around Berlin a lot like I do in most cities, so here’s some pictures that don’t really go under any other heading.

This first guy was outside a little cafe I went to one day.


Next, I was pretty surprised how many random beaches Berlin has,  most not even on water. For not having any kind of coast, there sure is a lot of sand throughout the city.



I found these people kind of amusing as well.


I also happened to run into Prince Charles one day while wandering around aimlessly.  There was a huge crowd around so I walked up and didn’t know what was going on until I saw him walk out of the what was apparently the British Embassy, so that was kind of exciting.

I stopped by an small art gallery one day down the street from my hostel and here’s one of the paintings I thought was really cool.


Sorry I know this post is random, but I said that at the beginning. Enjoy!!